What do guys consider fat?

I think as women we find that if we're not a size 2 we're fat. But when you look at girls like Kim Kardashian, who is a size 10, guys think she's hot. So guys, what do you consider 'fat'?

The sizes are dress sizes by the way, a model is anywhere from 0-6 (mainly 2-4) and 'plus' size models are size 10+


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  • fact check: Kim Kardashian wears a size 2. I have no clue where the heck you got a size 10 from, but its a pretty well advertized and well known fact that her measurements are 34 26 29 as they were recently taken for her wax model and those numbers were published by the independent company that came and measured her.

    in answere to your question: what matters most is tone. Tone is a big word here. You can be skinny and really not need to worry about it because tone is almost a given. you can be larger (to a degree) and tone is still the 100% factor between someone who is larger and unattractive because weight is being held all over on them (or too much centrally) and someone with the same body frame (aka skeletal make up) but a much tighter tone. Guys realize that medium and larger girls will have bigger curves but we'll only fully appreciate them if they come well toned (though I'm sure we can unfully appreciate them no matter what). While skinny girls get to get away with less curves because tone is all but a garuntee.

    but please, don't try to use kim k as a backup for your argument. she has a TINY TINY waist (and a small rib cage as well) but she just happens to have large breasts and a famously large ass and thighs. Yet because she is very active in maintaining her tone her waist itself is actually very small.

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      According to the outfits she sells on ebay (stuff she's worn) she's a 6

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      OBVIOUSLY I was not referring to your '29'. I am referring first to the fact that you said she has a 34 inch bust, when you said you didn't say that? And also it is ALWAYS bust waist hips. Look it up on the internet. It even makes sense. Start from the top and work down.

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      FACT CHECK: She's lied about her weight numerous times. She isn't what she claims to be