She called me "cute," what does it mean?

I've been talking to this girl for about 2-3 weeks, and we recently hung out for the first time, we went out for coffee after school. Afterwards, she texted me and asked what I thought, called me "cute" and "cool" and asked what I had thought, she apologized for the many gaps in our conversation saying she was nervous. It wasn't a date or anything like that, just an opportunity for us to get to know each other better. we have about 3 conversations via text per day (conversation = 2 hours) . she sometimes mentions other guys, recently a guy that creeps her out and tries to go out with her, and one of her good guy friends that she recently rejected, and one of her friends said that she thought of us as only friends the day of the coffee hang out, I don't know what to think, and am in need of help. thanks.


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  • i think she definitely likes you!

    first of all I never tell a guy I think he's cute or good looking, girls aren't so forward like that unlesssss they like you and progress on making moves to show they like you. Even to my guy friends, I don't call em cute, I call them whimp, ass, douche, and other funny insults, just in a jking manner...but around the guy I like, ill say something simple and yet which holds a hint I like him, such as hey there...youre cute...or you look nice today, I think you're awesome or cool...things like that means a girl likes you, has a crush on you, is at least attracted to you, and even the least she has some feelings for you already and can see a certain future with dating and such...

    i also this she likes you, because she did what every girl does to grasp the guy she likes' attention. By making him jealous to test his feelings for her, mentioning other guys, and sliding the spotlight on herself. She mentioned the guy who liked her and she rejected, the guy who stalks her creeps her out, the way she dramatizes and makes a big deal of other guys which may even not be entirely true shows she's trying to get ur attention and make you jealous, and also boost her ego and make herself look like a trophy in front of creating the impression that all men want her and wanna be with her...and she's a highly desired woman ;) this my friend, is the secret to which every girl uses to get the attention of the guy she likes. She doesn't have to tell you that guy creeps me out, this guy or guy friend wants to date me, no one asked her, she brings it up to show off she's something important, and that you, along with other men, should want her too! hint hint.

    however, do be careful though and follow her actions carefully because she may be a player too. Players, both men and women, don't have sympathy for anyone, theyre cocky and secretly insecure deep inside, and attention, and ego boost is their remedy. So some players, even girls, like leading the opposite sex on to confirm theyre liked and wanted, and are the shit, and then they can deny anything and take off, playing mind games. So watch out.

    best of luck ;]


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  • HELLO! that has I like you written all over it! calling a guy cute is the subtle way of telling him "I am into you..." Telling you about other guys that are interested in her is like trying to push you a little into taking over that territory so others will stop trying, because obviously she has something better in mind =) good for you! lol, I hope it all turns out well for you!

  • its a shy way of saying attractive , she's tryng to make you jealous by talkn abt guys , wen she mentioned the guy tht creeps hr out tht means she wnts you to gt all protective of her. she sounds shy especially if you mainly only txt so ask her out thrs little chance shel say no

  • She likes you...go for her.

    Don't get confused by the "cute", she's saying that rather than hot or another word so that she doesn't creep you out.

    Ask her on a date...she'll be thrilled. =]

  • She definitely likes you. Its noticeable reading your question, so I'm pretty sure you should just ask her out. I know she'd probably love to go out with you.

  • Well, for your age category, cute shouldn't offend you. She probably didn't want to sound skanky by saying "hott" or "sexy" because like you said, it wasn't a date, plus you already confirmed that she is shy. The whole "bringing up other guys" She's just trying to make you see how uninterested she is in other guys, or trying to make you jealous enough to ask her out.

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  • Has she ever told you "you're nice" or similar? If so, you're in the friend zone. Sorry, mate.

    At the very least, you're already halfway there. Step up your game!

  • I think she likes you man, she called you cute which means she thinks your attractive, that's what they say he's cute, it means he's attractive, she said it took her awhile to respond back because she was nervous you think if she thought of you only as friend she would be nervous, didn't think so. She talks about other dudes, but has nothing good to say about them, one she said creeped her out, the other a good friend whom she rejected.

    I would ask her out on a real date if I were she will probably say yes.