What kind of girls do "hardcore" guys like?

I'm really into the hardcore kind of guys who party and go to shows and what not. But I've noticed that those guys are dating pretty preppy girls. Do they always go for preps? Are "hardcore" girls a turn off?

I'm not really hardcore, I kind of just dress like whatever, I guess indie-ish... I don't really know how to explain it.

So what kind of girls do they usually fall for?


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  • They're just going out with them for their looks, the prep look doesn't make the girl pretty but usually pretty girls try to become preps cause it's a status thing. You're under 18 so we can assume this is highschool right? The hardcore party guys are out looking to have as much fun as possible with as many hot women as possible. They want to have that night they can brag about and remember as just an insanely good time, and they want that night every weekend. If you're hot and fun you'll get them no problem. If you're still just fun you stand a chance. Learn to drink without getting too drunk (though party guys won't think less of a girl who gets drunk so when it happens don't get too ashamed, it's part of party life), and find ways to get in on whatever crazy sh*t they do. Indie-ish is good, especially for the white party guys, they'll date the trendy party girl, so shoot for that. Find out what shows are good and go to them. Find a way to get alcohol and share it with them (you girls don't mind captain and coke so try to find some captain morgan spiced rum maybe). Dress revealing but not slutty.

    Basically be the bad girl that isn't mean, like you'll break rediculous rules to have fun but still be a sweet person.

    • I am like that already, I mean I party and I'm not gunna say I dress slutty, but I kinda do..

      im just saying I'm noticing that guys like that are into the preppy kind


      ^shawn milke from alesana

    • Pics looks great you'll be fine girl

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  • 'hardcore' guys are just emo kids that have money and party.

    And yes 'hardcore' guys go for scene bitches because they are preps trying to be 'punk' and they turn out scene because they are too pathetic to cut properly. Ergo, you still get a slutty prep with some IDEA of a decent person.

    'hardcore' doesn't exist, scene chicks ARE slutty, and you don't wanna be anything but a bad ass hell cat. Pump your fist, f*** authority, and f*** those piece of sh*t hardcore/emo/scene kids.

  • A "hardcore" friend of mine once said he goes after "scene bitches".

  • We go for the hot looking chick.


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  • They are only in to girls that will have sex with them. At least that’s what iv come to find