Are big ears a turn off?

I have big ears I think. I don't know for sure but guys have jokingly made remarks in the past. Is it a turn off for girls?


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What Girls Said 6

  • no, of course not. nothing wrong with big ears

  • I find big ears weirdly cute,unless they are weirdly big.

  • If I had a boyfriend, bigger ears wouldn't bug me. If anything, it gives me something else to lovingly tug on or nibble. haha

  • No its not that big of a deal.

  • It's not a turnoff nor a deciding factor, I could care less

  • No, their cute.

What Guys Said 5

  • Your ears & nose don't stop growing until you die btw.Just for your information.

  • ha, I'm the total opposite, I have really small ears, and some people pointed it out

  • I always wished I had big ears. It's handy to store snacks in them.

  • doubt their a big factor.

  • Having not seen your ears, nor being a girl I can't say for sure how most girls think about them. If they are really large, my advice to you would be to grow your hair out quite a bit. When your hair is a bit more mopish, it dampens the size people perceive your ears are. If you haven't grown long hair before, try it, and you might like the result. You can always cut your hair if isn't for you.