Tallness and dating?

Hello gag I have a dilemma. I'm looking for women to date I'm 6'5 on the little bit muscular side and I'm black. I find it very hard to get a date. It seems Im lacking some kind of attractive trait. What could I do I'm not desperate or anything I just been looking for 6 months now. I have this face that's very small for a man can you imagine a grown man that has big eyes small ears big forehead. I have this kind of awkward look that I think turns females off
Tallness and dating?


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  • I bet you intimidate most girls. You're a big muscular guy with a "Don't fuck with me" face.

    • That's how a look all the time

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    • I'm actually pretty shy I'm apprehensive around New people but if I get comfortable I'm usually really funny and goofy I don't know why I'm like this I used to never be shy

    • Letting your goofiness shine would help. I'm starting to think some of us guys like girls have a "resting bitch face" so to speak. The bad thing is there's no way to really get rid of it. All we can do is let our personalities out. Though plenty of people with that kind of thing are attractive. Kristen Stewart is attractive.

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