Why are Albanian men so cold? Don't ever show their emotions?

I've been "seeing" an Albanian man for about 3 years. We've gotten closer this last year. His parents were from Albania. They were in an arranged marriage he told me. His father has since passed, but I feel like their marriage may have given him the wrong example of how a relationship is supposed to be. I see this is the way my Albanian guy is with me. He does little things when we're alone; like slap my face (sometimes harder than others) and he does it if we're not even arguing. He told me my face was too cute, but it was a hard slap.. Then when I turn away he pulls me in closer to kiss me. It's odd.
He's 6'4" and I'm 5'3". So he's way bigger than I. He's invited me over to his family's home as he lives with a brother and their mother; he's 37 and I'm 28. He only invites me over when no one is there and has the place to himself. A few months ago, I told him I was falling in love with him and he told me he was feeling more serious feeling for me too, but don't make it a big deal. He's not opposed to me meeting the family. I can tell he doesn't like to share emotions. I'll say "I love you" and he'll grab me and hold me tight, squeezing me.. I wait for him to say it back, but he just looks at me like he's about to say it and then... nothing. He makes jokes when I say you looked like you wanted to say it back. Even during sex one time I know I heard him say it in my ear, but he told me it was something else.
I feel like since he's been with me he's gotten softer. He told me his mom said she didn't want him as she already had her hands full with two other boys and their father would go out drinking a lot when he was a baby. It seems like he really needs a gentle woman that's loving towards him. When my one dog was a puppy he was so amazed at how cute and funny the dog was. Several months ago, he and his brother got their mom the same breed of dog I have. I thought that was sweet and I seem to be rubbing off on him more.
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I just feel like he controls everything. Even when we spend time together. When he wants to talk, etc. It drives me nuts because I'm so patient but it's not normal to have one person control everything in a relationship.
Why are Albanian men so cold? Don't ever show their emotions?
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