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What does it mean when someone says you have beautiful eyes?

This may be a silly question, but...

Are they talking about the color or the shape? Lol

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  • It means he wishes to touch you inappropriately, and can't think of a more effective way to make it happen.

What Guys Said 28

  • They mean the overall asthetic look. Shape as well as color.

  • It means they think you have beautiful eyes.

  • People never say that about mine, I guess they're too dull and lifeless :P

  • Shape.



    They aren't a demonic portal to the underworld.


  • you have beautiful eyes?

    • I been told many times I do

      But I don't know if its the shape or color

  • uhhhhhh. you have beautiful eyes. to him. Guys are not hard to figure out. color, shape, expression. go with it. enjoy the attention.

  • It means you have ugly feet.

  • Colour, unless everyone else has square eyes but you..

  • usually shape, size and color. big blue eyes just suck me in. usually some decent make up and long lashes make me drool.

    • errrhhh drool lol

  • Shape( ex cat eyes type) colors could be like green eyes look great. Perhaps your eyes are very attarctive feature of your face

  • It means the guy is interested in you.

  • It means you got a great ass!

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  • That's a bit self explanatory isn't it?

  • It means your eyes are dilated and sparkly.

  • its usually the color I like if I notice a girls eyes very attractive

  • they are lagaoing line for you or line maraoing you.

  • Exactly that.

  • Both really, more on the side of color

  • I've never really thought someone's eyes were beautiful because of the shape.

    It's always the color for me.

  • Both, but color is very important

  • Both. The whole package my dear

  • Everything, how it suits you and gos with your look and overall style. Could be the color the shape or all of the above but basically beautiful to me means perfect in every way so it would be all of the above if I used the word beautiful... just like when I tell a girl she's beautiful I mean she's hot, sexy, pretty, and cute

  • Ur eyes are f***ing sick

  • "This may be a silly question, but..."

    Ya...no kidding...

  • It means he likes your "brown eye"

    • I don't have brown eyes

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    • Sorta ;)

    • Ok...sounds fair

  • it mean you have pretty eyes. omg smh

  • When girls have nice eyes I call them star gazers they are beautiful, dark and sparkle and can look deep into my soul.

What Girls Said 8

  • It's usually color unless your eyes are massive.

  • It would be everything together. Just what he sees when he looks at your eyes he probably isn't analyzing.

  • Unless you have colored eyes, I suppose the ENTIRE thing all together is appealing to them not just one thing or the other. When someone comments "you have beautiful eyes", on someone with colored eyes.. it's usually referring solely to the eye color.

  • It can be thr color or the shape or both or the way they "shine".

  • I guess it means that you have beautiful eyes in general. This is kind of random though but one time I was with my friend and we were out shopping and this guy came up to her and said, "I know this sounds really chiche, but you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen," and then he just walked away. This was like a year ago so we were like 19 and this guy was probably in his early to mid 20s. It was really strange. I mean my friend is attractive too and but there is nothing incredible about her eyes or anything. LOL kind of strange.

  • Color, shape or both

    What color and shade are your eyes ?

    • HaZel an round and big

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    • It changes. Sometimes hazel brown sometimes green

    • Yea


  • The color/shape

  • Wow. Can't believe this. Are you serious?

    • Pathetic huh

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