Is there any difference between Bye, B-Bye, Bye Bye and Good Bye?

Like is there any difference if a Girl says these to a Guy?


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  • Good bye is the most formal. Bye, is the least formal, bye bye/bye-bye are like the same thing...I wouldn't say there's any difference. Good bye is probably the least flirtatious... but hey, what do I know? I'm just guessing.


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  • bye = casual

    b-bye= she wants the d

    bye bye = she is friendzoning you

    good bye = she's secretly a fifty year old man.

    No, dude. They're just different personal ways to say goodbye. Why are you reading so much into it?

  • "B-bye" and "bye-bye" are cuter ways to say it, IMO.

  • As long as you don't get a buh- bye!..then your good

  • lol this make me laugh so hard. bye bye bye is just the cute way of saying good bye! ^-^ well it can be flirty way of saying good bye too ;) lol!


What Guys Said 4

  • It doesn't mean anything. It only means something when it comes to the social status and business world.

  • I actually want to know what girls think when guys use them. Like what would you think each one means? For instance, I don't like my dad and before I hang up I just say "Bye" or nothing. But if I'm talking to my friend that I really like I'll say "Bye bye" or "Sleep well babe." What do you girls think of different good-byes?

  • Ask N'SYNC lol!

  • I guess there's a small difference in a casual/formal factor, but the biggest difference comes from the tone of voice and body language (as always).