4 Things You Won't Miss About Your Ex

Breakups can be very painful and time consuming. Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll ever feel better. So, what do you do? You can hate it if you want or wish it wasn’t happening. It is completely okay for you to miss little things about your ex. After all, you two were once happy together. Certainly, if breaking up was the right move, then you aren't going to be all that sad at the end of the day. Here are a few things you won't miss about your ex after she or he is gone:

1. You won't miss the fights

4 Things You Won't Miss About Your Ex...Think about the fights you two have had over the course of your relationship. Aren't you glad that you don't have to deal with that anymore?

2. You won't miss not being allowed to flirt around

4 Things You Won't Miss About Your ExWhen you're in a relationship, you have to watch what you do and say. You don't want to accidentally flirt with someone, because it could upset your significant other. However, now that you're single, you don't have to censor yourself. You can talk to anyone you want without feeling bad about it.

3. You clearly won't miss shaving

4 Things You Won't Miss About Your ExGirls, now that you're single, you don't have to shave your legs and bikini area every other day. You can walk around in pants and no one will have any idea that you haven't touched a razor in weeks.

4. You won't miss being dissapointed

4 Things You Won't Miss About Your ExNow that the relationship is over, no more dissapoinments because that part of your life is over and done with. Now you can focus on yourself and enjoy your single life.

Breakups are definitely not easy, but you can get through even the worst ones. You just have to remember that you're better off alone than in an unhealthy relationship.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah they are tough I suppose you are right have a place in your heart for your ex because of the good times you had but REMEMBER why you broke up especially if it was a wise decision on your part. My last ex was a lovely girl but for a lot of reasons our relationship was a disaster and my life was a mess at the end of the relationship. For every little "Awww" moment there is a voice in my other ear saying "You did right thing" and now even a "Thank F*** I have cleared my debts and some of the entanglements with her" - I am still a bit socially and romantically battle scarred, I am not sure how much of that is down to ruins of my last relationship but every time I say in a little voice " I will get back out there" at the moment, it sounds more convincing.
    I so agree with 1 and 4.
    Number 2 - I couldn't flirt my way out of a wet paper bag so non starter for me
    Number 3 - If I didn't shave everyday it would be Grizzly Adams in the house


Most Helpful Girl

  • Here's what I don't miss about my ex-fiance: he had a real knack for being a condescending and dismissive prick. If he didn't see the value in something, he had no interest in even entertaining the idea that it was useful. Often when he tried to make jokes, he would just be an ass. He even did that to my mother - uh, maybe don't alienate your future in-laws, buddy.


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  • You won't miss the sick feeling that you are never good enough.

    • i agree!

    • You should never ever think that about yourself. You have so much to be proud of from what I see and know about you. I suppose the harshest critic we always have to please is ourselves. I really do admire so much about you that I know that your thought is 100% untrue or could ever be remotely factual.

  • remember an ex is an ex for a reason. My ex left me after 3and half years together to go back to his ex wife?

  • Being in a long distance relationship I don't have to worry about #3!

  • Oh so true... Nailed it! =)


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