Will they break your heart again..


This MyTake is for all those Gagers that have their heart broken by someone, but that someone came back to try again with them. Have seen a lot of these issues through GaG and thought I'd write a little something about how I personally feel about it.

Your heart was broken once by them, would it happen again?
Will they break your heart again..

Sometimes that makes you wonder, we all know people individually but sometimes would rather put our mind into believing something that we don't know is true or not. We can convince ourselves that:

no they've changed, it won't be like that

But in reality you don't know.

They broke your heart before, don't automatically think it won't happen again. Maybe they really messed up, made a mistake and the apology is valid and is doing everything to see that their a person you deserve. Maybe it would be better, they appreciate you in a way they haven't before.

But this is all Maybe.

Will they break your heart again..

The reality is some people don't change in the way that we want them to. There can be promises but it's easy for some to not be followed through. Actions will always speak louder than words.

Maybe your heart doesn't get broken, maybe it really is different.

Forgiveness is important but paying attention is important too. We're humans, we do screw up sometimes. But just remember..

They broke your heart before, hurt you, risked everything and still went through with it. They knew it would tear you apart but still walked away.

What makes you think it's possible that it won't happen again?

Just be aware, these type of relationships take a whole lot of trust to be regained.

Will they break your heart again..
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  • mooky06
    This topic is complicated. It can go either way, but I feel like everyone should trust their instincts on this one. I feel like a lot of people don't want to make the same mistakes again. So remembering the warning signs helps
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Hans222
    Well, one example of never having been in a relationship is that I've never been heart broken :D
    Though I'd rather meet a super nice lady and take the risk of being heart broken one day!
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  • Waffles731
    I still had feelings for my ex for a long time, now I don't have any feelings for her but dislike
  • Zorax
    I know the feeling, very nice Take 👍
  • apple24
    Forever in love with myself!!!
  • Anonymous
    If the victim is the one who came back, is it something wrong with him/her? or do he/she assume that the other person have changed?

    broken heart is like breathing but dead inside, we will never get over it. it would be better if they killed us.
    • well the victim coming back is can be them not being able to let go , and it can also be the feeling of the other person changing