My ex boyfriend ask me do I want to go camping with him. should I go?

i think he not trying get back with me it a feeling i have i just feel he just playing games and trying get me alone to have sex. my brother keep telling me he just trying to be a player but i just wish he just tell me the truth like what sup i dont have time for games. the other day he was telling me he was depress i guess for what he did to me and dealing with his inner demons. but he told me this when i told him i was talking to someone else he got mad telling me what on earth call me for. the reason why is because we agreed to be friends I don't know what his deal is. am not going out i just talking to someone because i still have feeling for him


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  • Clearly he thinks you're into him if he's getting mad.

  • Do you want him back? If not then forget him


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