My bf is dating my co worker?

So i broke up with my ex bf after few months dating and yes he is my co worker. anyways long story short i and him were good together always having fun and care for each other he is great, carrying blah blah- one day I got really upset (more like disappointing) and broke up w him through texted him (my bad but I wrote it in pretty nice way not hurting or any harmful words i used) anyway, he didn't replay or any acts. we still saw each other at work and small talk when it needs anyways after few weeks we met up and talk about the break up. He was hurt and I said sorry but I told him i only broke up with him cause I felt like his interasted in me was fade away I asked him if he wants to give it a go with me again and he said nope. He was dissapointed on me that I broke up w him through texting and decided about break up on my own. I understood and told him I am srry that I hurt him. this is not the end! But then a couple of week later there was a new girl (younger, nice to guys but girls, lies all the times but guys has no idea) and she has no idea that him and I had history (by that time him and I were started hanging out again like in a small group and texting, he told one of my good co worker (a girl) to take care of me after brake up he was worried about me loosing weight and stuff) anyway that new girl was hitting to my ex bf and I didn't like it well I met up with her once and I told her about me and him and asked her not to getting involved between us. I asked her in a very nice way i even told her if she likes him she could even date him that's not my concern but don't sneak around me if you two wants to go out then I wouldn't mind but pls pls just let me know cause I don't want any awkward moments cause I didn't know they were going out. but ever since I had talk w her she tend to be around my ex all the times. she even made rumour that i was bullying her cause I am upper position at work then her. finally my ex believed her and they are now secretly dating
also my ex bf hates me cease he thinks I really was meant to her. I wasn't! He doesn't listen to me most of peeps at work tried to talked to him about what really was going on isn't what he thinks but he turn against everyone and he's not good w anyone but her. The girl is not a good person. she lies, she manipulate peeps very shady. she use peeps and circumstance to get what she want with teary eyes and poor face. Now i concern my ex bf is brain washed loosing everyone he cared..
I get the point you all are right he's not my bf anymore and yes I did brake up with him but the thing is he started to dating her cause he thought I was mean to her and she lied to him about it. she acted like I was be an evil to her at work and she acted like she's got the bigger heart and tried to understand me and be nice to me that's what he got really mad on me. Which I didn't even care they were hanging out. I never told her or him not to date all I asked him was not taking her side


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  • I agree with you entirely about HER
    understand why HE thinks the way he does
    you GAVE UP any "rights" to know anything about personal relationships outside of work, e. g. them dating or not WHEN you broke up
    To ask for this privilege (at work or not) DOES smack of using your authority to force an action from underlings, some even seeing this as a veiled threat to their jobs. You can't DO that and if really put to the test in front of YOUR superiors, could be harmful to your job... so cease this. Turn a gblind eye to whatever they are doing.
    You have bigger fish to fry and a shopping list that obviously finds him lacking, so DO your shopping looking ahead, for looking backwards will trip you up.

    • I don't care they are dating cause yes I broke up w him first what I am really upset is she goes behind me and telling peeps about what I haven't done to her! She's got a petty face so people believe what she said. But lots of peeps started to accusing her cause she acts different when my ex is around her. and she's not a hard worker which everyone knows I am. I am just hoping my ex will see that I never was mean to her. ... they can date yes i care less about it what I care is what she says to peeps about me effects my job.. hopefully everyone see how shady she is...

    • Until you leave her alone, get her out of your mind, quit demonizing her (however much she deserves it - I do agree... been there, done that) YOU are your own worst enemy! YOU will fall into her traps, YOU will make matters worse (proof exhibited in your original Q). QUIT looking, thinking, IGNORE them. To further counter these negative energies, divert this power/energy into something positive = finding Mr. Right, getting your work done, letting them fall into their own trap... let others hand them with NONE of YOUR finger prints on these later events. Soon she'll find another to wrestle with - let them get mud over them, not you

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  • So if all that is try then is comes down to one simple fact: IT DOESN'T MATTER! You broke up with him you have no right to talk to him or the girl about whatever it is they do. And the whole go to her and tell her to tell you when they are dating doesn't seem like it can be an abuse of power because more people would think they lose they job if they said otherwise. Point is he is your ex so he doesn't need your okay to do whatever he wants.

  • I'm sorry do you hear yourself right now, you broke up with him in the most inconsiderate way through a text and when he has had enough of you and is finally moving on you dare to interfere with his love life do yourself a favor, move on and stop being so petty, and change your title next time HE IS NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND...

    • He's not my bf yes I get that I wouldn't mind if they were dating from out of the situations. She acted and made romour about I was mean to her cause they were dating. which I never did! She goes to him and tell him how hard to work w me cause he's my ex and he likes her now? she used me to get him. he told his friends he started feel for her cause he thinks she's right and mature which all she did was manipulated him! I was even nice to her she goes to peeps and say I told her not to date him which I never did also she told peeps i am mad at her cause they were hanging out which I wasn't! and that's the point my ex decided to date her to protect her from me and he started hate me cause he thought I was pathetic and begged (that's what she said but I never was!) i

  • You need to move on for your own good

    • What I am really sad is he only hears from her not from me and what she say about me is lies she made me looks like an evil to have him. I am just mad there isn't one thing she says about me isn't even truth. I was really nice to her all she did was go behind me and made rumours about how mean I was to her and she took it in nice way?

    • Just stop all the drama

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  • The only crazy one here is you OP. You HAD him and now you don't. Build a bridge and get over it.

  • He is your ex, you shouldn't go to her and tell her about your past. You even say don't sneak around you... You have broken up with him so actually you didn't have any right to meddle in ur ex and her.
    I didn't mean to defend the new gf but he is ur ex at that time. He is free to date anyone he want. You write "my bf dating my coworker" He is not yours anymore.
    You have dig your own grave by confronting that girl at the first place. Just move on. It's better for you

    • What if she's really shady?

    • What do you mean with shady? Actually if ur ex want to date a shady girl then it's his problem, not yours. He choose that girl then let him be. It's his loss. No?

  • I honestly don't understand what you're trying to ask here. It was really hard to read through this. It's really none of your business anymore what he does. You dumped him through a text. I think it's time you move on and leave them alone.

  • So what? He is not your bf


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