Breakup due to Religion. How to heal?

My boyfriend's religion prohibits interfaith relationships. It was clear from the beginning that one day we wold breakup. Now, I just broke up with my boyfriend last December 1st because his dad found out about us, got very mad at my bf & wanted us to breakup. My bf delayed his dad's "deadline" for the breakup by roughly 3 weeks until yeah, December 1 came because of paternal pressures. We had our last date that day. Everything was emotional & sentimental.

How do you heal from a kind of breakup wherein neither of you wanted it? We both miss each other but we try to talk as little as possible because we already broke up. Everything in our relationship was doing good if not for his stupid religion (a branch of Christian religion that prohibits relationships with non-members of that religion). I don't want to forget about him.


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  • Your boyfriend and his father, parents and family are all fools. It is very hard to find a pretty girl who has God in her heart and for them to pass on you make them a fool.

    Fact, God and religion have no relationship. Religion uses God as a way to force a set of rules on others it is a power thing. Look at all the different religion groups and all of them having in effect rules to get into heaven or rules to get to God. It is mans religion that is standing between you and your hearts desires. Think how God feels with so many petty people making threats, conditions and forcing people to choose their ways over God's ways.

    None of the religions will tell you the strait path to God is gratitude and being grateful for everything, your toes, food, home, and to the point of joy. If God is pulling you out of this mess trust your creator. You want to see a magic, or miracle put your faith in God and stand alone. Read a good book called "Magic"and you will find a clear path to your creator and have a good time in the process.

    God bless.


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  • Religion causes more suffering than it ever prevents.
    That's it's job, and many people are happy to use it for that purpose.

    Find a less religious man. There are benefits. Atheist men are less likely to cheat than religious men, and atheist marriages are less likely to end in divorce.

  • what were the 2 conflicting religions. and you're both adults, how did parents break you two up?

    • I am born again Christian, he's from Iglesia ni Cristo (INC). The dad demands him that we breakup. His parents never talked to me though. Basically all the ugly pressure, he gives them to him.

    • If your a born again Christian, that family must belong to a cult or something if they can't recognise the Spirit. Hope you've emotionally recovered from this after a year and the Lord has given you an even better friend. If you are even reading on this site anymore.

  • he should kick his dad out of the house. dads like that are just a failure

    i assume he's an adult so he can date whoever he wants... his dad has no right to judge him, he just have to shut his mouth

  • Convert to his form of Christianity.

  • INC? ,



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  • Sad to hear.
    I would not allow my parents to dictate to me on whom to love. They would never!
    Fuck his parents.
    Sorry to put it that way but it's from the heart.
    Get him back and love him hard.


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