Why is my ex flirting with my friend?

My ex and I had a pretty intense relationship, but after we broke up we stayed friends. There's still always been a flirtation... Something a bit more to it... Between us. But we hardly ever saw each other and we were both clear that we wouldn't get back together. There was a question about that fairly recently, and I thought maybe from the way he was acting and talking... But when I mentioned it he said while he still had those feelings he knew it wouldn't work, which is fine. Anyway, we've both got new relationships now. And the other day we were talking, I told him how happy I was and that things were getting more serious. He was a bit cynical but seemed happy enough for me. Then, within hours, he sends a message to my friend saying he knew I wouldn't be happy about it, but he just wanted to tell her how hot her pictures were. Of course, she told me immediately. As he must have known she would do (he knows her fairly well). So why would he do that? What's going on in his head? I completely tore him a new one for it, because it's not on as far as I'm concerned. But we've been friends a long time, I don't want lose him completely from my life. I just feel like I don't know this person anymore that would deliberately hurt me like that. I asked him about it, he made it out like he couldn't see the big deal, like both my friend and I were misreading the message - but since he told her he knew I wouldn't be happy about it, and we've had discussions about this kind of thing (i. e. friends are off limits) he did know... And the message was pretty clear... And I know he isn't interested in that particular friend in that way - he's said so on a number of occasions... So why would he do this now?


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  • he's a punk and he's trying to hurt you. dont let him get the better of you, all guys are cynical and cold sometimes.. <3

  • What an ass hola


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