Is my Ex trying to make me jealous?

why would an ex (dumper) try everything to make you jealous even when you do not react? More especially one who was never active on social media but suddenly feels the urge to.
P. S:I neither resisted the breakup nor begged for him to stay. Any insights please... thanks.
Was a Long Distance Breakup. He insisted on being friends which I respectfully declined stating that I would need time for that to play out for me and that he should be able to understand and respect my decision as I did his.


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  • You didn't beg/chase after him.. it hurt his ego, and he is trying to get a reaction out of you


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks his X in his own softie spot, Kobekipara, he usually has motive in mind when it comes to the time when he----Try everything to make you jealous...
    It doesn't have to be etched in stone that he is Obviously Missing the Kissing and with the writing on the wall and all, doing things such as this 'Social media' fling thing, is a sure sign of it.
    He is trying to get your attention, get arise out of you because he still possess some sf feelings that he cannot let go of. With asking for friendship is away many times, especially in a LDR that went sour, to continue to keep someone in their life and avoid some of the strife that was there when you both were hooked at the hip.
    He may still be sticking to his set mind in wanting to 'Being friends,' but it is your call, your choice, if you want to stand your own ground in sticking to your guns with what you have stated.
    For now, either ignore him and let him 'Play this out' or talk it out some more and see what else is in store.
    I am all too familiar with a LDR, I have had One with a husband who is still out in Egypt. I have not gone back in a very long time, and with Breaking up and Making up, we both play games because trouble is... both of us always feel it is a raw deal we are getting when it comes to this LDR.
    Good luck. xx

    • Paris13, thank you very much for this and giving me an insight about your personal experience, much appreciated. So sorry to hear about that. You seem like a strong lady though, I bet you have it all under control. Wish you all the best as well.
      Your right in all that you have stated. Well, I only told him politely that it was too early to be friends considering my feelings for him, I will definitely need sometime due to the heartbreak. I went ahead to tell him that I'm sure we shall reconnect someday. I believe for me the best thing is for the hurt to subside. I believe he is seeing someone now.
      Long Distance relationships are tough, I just got to realize. I will be back in home next year, I am in Europe for a 2 year study. He suggested being friends "for now" and insinuated making it work when I get back.

    • Oh, so very welcome, and it is indeed One of the toughest relationships to Have and to Uphold... But I always leave everything in God's hands because with LDR, comes two heart who I feel somehow always beat as one but circumstances and whatever life throws in, can put a monkey wrench in everything.
      However, friendship is good sometimes, a way to start over and nurture and nurse and perhaps have it better than ever... but it does take two people to make the effort and have the patience.
      All you can do for now is see what will happen in the future when you get home and what God may have in store for you both. Many times too Friends with benefits is 'Insinuated' and if so, it is one way for one or both to be 'together' but with no commitment. Many times over, I have found that guys tend to lean towards this when breaking up. xx

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  • Ego.
    I'm willing to bet it punctured his ego on some level when you didn't "put up a fight for him" although he decided to stop putting up a fight for you, be a quitter, and leave. So now he's desperately fishing for a reaction that will make him feel better about your display of indifference. He's hoping you'll take the bait whether he sincerely has any desires of really being invited back into your life. It's actually pretty narcissistic.

    • @Esplorare What an excellent post. And you think I should write a book? :-)

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    • Thank you again Esplorare and Yosimitesam, very mature advise. Glad to have a male's opinion from Yosimitesam. All that you have said makes so much sense. The puzzle just got solved.


    • @Kobekipara You're welcome, and I'm glad I could help.

  • What has happened that makes you think he is trying to make you jealous?

    • Well for starters he has never really been active with social media. He has had one profile pic for 2 years lol and his status update has always been the default "Hey there! I am using WhatsApp". Suddenly he's been overcome with the need to change all sorts of pics usually as he is having a whale of a time... like trying to rub it in my face if you asked me and the status updates are song titles about "letting some one you love go" blah blah.
      The most recent scenario was about 3 weeks ago. He updated a pic of him kissing a girl, no reaction from me. He then took it down the following day and sent me a text checking up on me and letting me in on what he had been upto and hoping I am doing okay.

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