Is my ex trying to make me jealous or piss me off?

So my ex and I have been broken up for a month now and today is my bday and my ex texted me at exactly midnight to wish me a happy bday. All I simply said was thank you. Then she starts saying how she's with someone and that they actually make her happy and that she is getting the love she has been wanting and basically putting me down. What is the reasoning for this. Is she just trying to get a rise out of me or trying to make me jealous?


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  • Doubt she is making you jealous just trying to piss you off, and she picked your birthday of all days. . . what a bitch.


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  • Wouldn't it be the same

    • Well meaning as in I've already moved on and she's trying to get a rise out of me to see if I still have feelings or just trying to piss me off

    • Or he isn't doing it for you.

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  • My ex did that... it was definitely to make me jealous and/or ashamed of losing her.


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