Was my ex trying to get my attention and if he was why?

I broke up with my ex about a year and half ago. Very long story short it was a casual thing. I got feelings so stopped seeing him. He was sleeping with other girls, I didn't know and then he messaged me after months of silence to tell me he's given me an STD. He was a real douche and I regret ever meeting him.

He came into the pub I work in the week before trying to get served and I blanked him. Then last night I was having a few drinks in my work and he kept staring at me. He started off at one end of the pub and gradually got closer to where I was until he was literally stood behind me and my friends with his friends. He put his hand on my shoulder and I turned around and he was like "oh sorry I didn't realise that was you" but his hand lingered a little too long. So I just gave him a "dont touch me" look and carried on talking to my friends. But he didn't move away he just stayed where he was and then started chatting up some random girl and getting with her right near me. But why? He had no intention of trying to speak to me and be man about it and apologise In any way for how he treated me etc. And he must know from the week previous of me blanking him multiple times that I dont care what he's doing. Was he trying to make me jealous in some way? Or is he just trying to piss me off. I dont know if im making it more in my head than what it is because im trying to just ignore him and not give any more of my time or energy and Im not gonna bar him because then I feel like he's won for him to get under my skin enough to do that. Any opinions are greatly appreciated. thanks!
Was my ex trying to get my attention and if he was why?
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