Ex liked my post on instagram. Is he trying to get my attention?

I broke up with him 3 weeks ago because he has commitment issues and is scared of being in a relationshp. A few days after i broke up with him he deleted me from fb and made me feel like the bad guy and i didn't do anything wrong.2 weeks after not talking to hm he texts me (he was drunk) and says he misses me , we text and then the next day i didn't hear from him. And today (after 3 weeks of no contact) he likes my instagram pic. IS he trying to get my attention? I know he's super afraid of rejection so i thinking he's waiting for me to initiate contact but i won't because he probabky hasn't changed.


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  • It's a normal like, like any other like on instagram. It doesn't have to mean anything. I scroll down my insta liking every pic like "like, like, like.." it doesn't need over analising.


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  • Well no he has not changed
    Proof is that he k3ps having a behaviour that does not make you happy at playing the distant shit.
    Don't ever do a step forward to home believe me instead ignore him he will get in touch
    Keep ignoring
    He will go mad say he loves you and blabla
    Say you never want to be in touch with him
    Then see what happen he will simply be passive aggressive saying he will never let you alpine blabla
    Leave him doing reply
    He has to earn you even more now