What is my ex gf/baby mama really up to?

My ex gf/baby mama and I split up bout a month ago. She supposedly has a boyfriend now and hates me. She blocked me from Facebook Because when I get mad I tend to post dumb statuses. So I decided to go to twitter and vent Because I don't really know anyone. So now my ex is on twitter 24/7 posting sh*t to try and make me either jealous or piss me off knowing she is gon prob get a reaction. She says stuff bout being with her boyfriend and so on but yea she's always logged into Facebook.Her mom tries tellin me her boyfriend is there also but why would you sit on Facebook and twitter while your new boyfriend is there that you're supposedly in love with? She was pretty obsessive and jealous during our 4 year relationship I also told her from the very beginning that I would not put up with breaking up and her running to other relationships Because I dealt with that enough in my prior relationship and so that's what she does to me. I am a very loyal guy and although I didn't open up to her early in the relationship she really tore my walls down and made me fall for her. I am pretty upset about it and she just keeps trying to add fuel I guess maybe. I'm not real sure what she is doing I always thought she would be loyal as well that's why I trusted her and fell for her like I did. Anyway I'm just curious if anyone knows WTF she's trying to do lol
She has always been kind of strange playing mind games to make me jealous or get a reaction. A lot of the time she has self esteem issues also although I don't know why she really is a great girl and I'm shocked as sh*t that she has pulled this on me. I really did think we would get married and be good. I do know for a fact she is talking to this guy but I don't think it's half as serious as she says and I'm confused as to why she is making it such a point to post sh*t so she knows I see it : /
I just don't get how some people go from love to hate so fast it amazes me sometimes all I can say is she better know what she's doin because once I move on from her I sure ain't about to give her a shot to put me through this again like I did with my other ex because she just kept doin it every couple months or so until I finally decided to walk away...She says it was the biggest mistake she's ever made. I bet this one will think the same eventually...


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  • I think you already know what she's up to. She's trying to upset you and make your life a little bit harder. Why not? She hates you, right? When my marriage was falling apart, we used to do stupid little things to each other for that exact reason too--he put a chair against the door to keep me from getting inside when I left one night, so the next day while he went out to smoke (he'd promised to quit when we got married, THAT never happened) I locked the patio door, and left the apartment, locking the front door too. ENJOY.

    Don't fall for her trap. Get off her twitter and Facebook and move on. Not to a new relationship, obviously, but join a Meetup group or something. Then post on YOUR twitter or fb about what a fun time you're having so SHE can see it, while she changes diapers.

    • I deleted twitter and every other website I have profiles on. I did make a fake on on twitter so I could see if she kept it up or not and she did until late last night but hasn't posted anything sense. I sure don't wanna argue with her figured it's better to leave her mind wondering what I'm up to and whether I've filed court papers for visitation with my son or not...lol

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  • Sounds like a girl who takes her pleasure in the moment and not think of consequences. You too for that matter. Sadly you both are allowed to procreate

    • Why do you say that? I always think of consequences I guess because I've always had so many bad ones however I do sometimes act dumb when angry and sometimes say things I do not mean...

    • I don't say this lightly. But you have a baby with this sorry excuse for a female. You created a child with out thinking about the long term consequences. Think before you act! Pick better partners and pull your life together

    • Yea I know I do and your right but I had no idea she was like this until after the breakup I always knew she was real jealous and kind of pushy but I would have never thought she'd actually do this I guess it started getting worse after the child because she knew she had a little control over me then maybe...

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  • You should just leave her and find another girl. It's clear that she's just making you jealous and trying to ravage both of your relationship further.


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