Girl I liked blocked me without warning a few months ago and I still haven't got over it?

There was this girl I was speaking to every day for a few months and she seemed to be into me, she even told me she liked me. We lived close to one another but I didn't get a chance to meet her in person cause she moved further away before we got a chance. We still planned on meeting up since it wasn't that far once I had the money but one day she just stopped talking to me and blocked me from messaging her on snapchat. This upset me terribly since I was already dealing with other matters on my life and she just disappeared with no warning. I texted her number telling her what she did was fucked up and cold.. It really hurt my self esteem. It made me bitter, and the fact she couldn't even tell me what it was that made her not want to talk to me anymore pissed me off. The fact I didn't even get to see her when we lived close was the worst thing. I haven't been able to meet anyone I like since :\ I just want to move on from this bullshit, but I still feel like making her give me a explanation, the least she could do. It just really hurt my feelings


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  • She clearly didn't feel comfortable talking to you. She probably though 'this guy is pretty annoying/obsessed with me, I want him out of my life.' Are you sure she didn't gave a warning like 'I'm not feeling talking to you' or something.
    Anyways, she probably really doesn't want to see you anymore. Messaging her is no use. Just move on already and don't meet people on the internet anymore. The internet is something where people don't have to feel obligated to respond or to continue conversation if we don't feel like it anymore. It has to stay fun and for me at least distant (so not meeting people irl).

    • No she didn't she never gave me any hints that I was coming on to strong even if I was that doesn't make it okay for someone to block you without explanation, would you like it if someone you liked did that to you? No

      Unfortunately I've too many people like you who think it's okay to sever friendships/relationships just because it's online. You don't put into consideration how that effects the persons you took time to get to know and converse with, for some people it's hard to meet people in real life for one reason or another and this is the only outlet they have. If you're so shallow about it then it's you who shouldn't be befriending people on line.

    • I honestly wouldn't care if they did, because I don't expect a lot from friendships on the internet anyways.
      You're avoiding your real problem here by making friendships on the internet. Not being able to make them in real life. If you guys were going to meet, you really think that it would be as comfortable at the internet as in real life? If you never learned how to make friendships in real life then meeting up would have been awkward.
      We do put into consideration that we might hurt the person. I'm not saying what she did was good, because I honestly always give a warning if I don't want to talk to a person anymore (something like 'I'm not feeling like talking to you anymore') and what she did was kind of cowardly, but you just shouldn't expect too much from the internet.
      I don't make real friendships online since I have a lot of friends in real life already and I'm good at making friends in real life. My conversations on the internet always stay shallow, but fun

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  • Move on. She was probably playing you from the get-go. There are people who like to string people along for amusement purposes and I'm not saying I'm one of those people but it does happen.

  • That's life


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  • Without notice? How dare she not give you a 2 week notice! Women these days I tell ya

    • If you're just going to be a smart ass then don't post. What is a 32 year old man doing on a site like this anyways?

    • To laugh at you and only you ;o) Look.. the fact of the matter is... no one owes anyone an explanation or notice. It's a 2 ways street. You can walk out of any relationship, stop communication at any point with or without reason without ever needing to explain yourself.

      It doesn't feel nice but that's the truth bud. Go hang out with your buds. Have fun

  • Don't bother, it's not worth it. It's easy for me to say here. But really, you obviously deserve better, try find someone who won't block you and try to move on. It's hard to pick yourself up after being shot down but all you can do is get on with your life and find someone new, i'd wait a while though.

  • Look, she's obviously got problems with communicating to people, because that's just down right fucked up for blocking you, just forget about her and regard her as having no respect for other people.


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