Why is my ex trying to make me look bad?

My ex has asked me out several times and asked if we can officially be boyfriend and girlfriend three years ago. We have known each other since 7th grade and we starting talking in 10th grade. He liked me a lot and wanted me to be his girlfriend. I was 17 and wasn't ready for a boyfriend and relationship at the time. I am now 19 and ready for a boyfriend and relationship. He has been writing posts directed towards me saying that I dumped him and has been saying, "why would you let me go if you thought I was a good guy". Now I feel really bad that I dumped him years ago and I feel like people view me differently now because I dumped him and he was the only guy that has really strong feelings for me and nobody else is asking me out now. I don't really talk to him anymore because we go to different schools and i don't have his number so I can't really keep in touch with him anymore. Now I'm worried that I'm not going to have a chance with another guy because I literally have no friends and I really want to have a boyfriend. How can I deal with this?


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  • guys do that a lot. just ignore him.


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  • Guess he feels kinda hurt...


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