Is my ex talking to someone else?

OK so me and my ex-girlfriend broke up about 2 months ago after a one year long distance relationship because I had "jealousy and insecurity issues" I've tried to get back with her but she says I pushed her to the point where she doesn't want a relationship! not with me or anyone! after we broke up we would still talk on a daily basis because we are basically best friends until one day I couldn't take it anymore..i couldn't talk to her like everything was fine so I ended it for about 2 weeks til she called me..since then we still talk on a daily basis although it tends to lead to arguments..recently she visited me and we had another argument when I caught her texting a guy from where she lives but before she left everything seemed to be fine like things were getting better..she even told me she loved again..when she got back home things were still fine with us for a couple days until she started to ignore me and only talk to me every so I see things on her MySpace where she writes things about being flattered and that she's done with all the b.s..she sometimes calls me around midnight just to say goodnight when I know she's been home for a while before that so it makes me think "what has she been up to?" it makes me start thinking that she is talking to someone else..can anyone help out here and give some advice
Is my ex talking to someone else?
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