Men, is it possible to "play the field" until you come back to the one you really loved?

Is it possible to for a guy who likes a girl but never got into a relationship with to play the field until he realizes he had what he was searching the whole time?


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  • I want to ask the same question to girls, I guess it's true

  • It is more like, he knows you'll always want him. You will always be there for him. So what is his rush? He can play and f*** as many girls as he wants because you will be there in the end when he has HIV/STDs. Too many Nicholas Sparks novels has painted this picture the other way. It is like viewing through the other man's binoculars: You see what you want.

    • You definitely have a point.

      I've seen too many guys play games with a lot of women and there's always that ONE girl who's the right one for him and then they get taken and that guy is wondering why he's still alone. Why do guys do that knowing that there's a girl who would truly love them? Why go through all of that when you have a good girl sitting right in front of you?

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    • "He just isn't a good guy"

      I think it really depends. Is he telling her that he will come back? I mean I know a girl who is in love with me but I don't have any feelings for her and I go around and date other girls. Does that make me a bad person? I mean I thought I had right to date and do what I want, but suddenly I'm not a good guy. I don't think I would agree with that. Just because your right for her doesn't mean she's right for you.

    • Relatively speaking. He is not good for her. Much like you aren't good for that girl that likes you. Because you can easily take advantage of her even if you aren't trying. Not say say you aren't a good guy. Hell, you could donate 80% of your time to charity. But she could offer you the keys to anything, and by you accepting it you give her false hope and blah blah.

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