Do you ever feel uncomfortable when you see your ex?

This question is for both the guys and girls..

I'll start by saying that my ex girlfriend was one of my best friends, who I was able to talk to about a little bit of everything, but after the relationship ended I found myself getting uncomfortable with her presence. Everything from talking to her to being around her was and still is awkward. Just seeing her picture makes me make the sound "ugh."

I was never one to hold grudges.. But I feel like I may be holding resentment towards her. Has anyone else ever felt this way? And is there a way to remedy this?


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  • Yeah, I felt like that when I would go to the ex's job (he worked at the neighborhood walmart so we would see him a few times) and one day me, my mom, and my sister went and we didn't see him, but I knew he was there. I was saying in my head I hope I don't see him and when we were checking out, I was helping my mom with the food and my sister was like "hi shawn. channen, there's shawn." I looked up and he was talking on the phone and I knew by the look on hi face, he was talking to his new girlfriend (he later told me that she was a rebound girl and that they broke up) and I was feeling hate towards him for showing up around me even though I broke up with him. He walked by me and said hey big head and I just went and helped my mom because when I looked up at him, I looked into his eyes and saw the real shawn and it wasn't a pretty sight and it highly disturbed me. When I see his picture on MySpace or the picture we took together at the mall, I say "ugh." about a month after I seen him, he tried to get me back by texting me and calling me and one time we talked he told me that when I came to the store on that day, it looked as if I hated him and the sight on him disgusted me. Honestly, I wanted to say "yeah you're right. that's how I was feeling," but he was already sounding like a lost puppy so I didn't tell him that. My remedy was him being laid off from work and not living in the same neighborhood as i. I don't see him anymore, but I still have pictures of him on my phone and I do still have him as a friend on MySpace, but the pictures are far down the line of pictures I have and he doesn't go on MySpace that much like he has been after we broke up. right now, I'm trying to (I know it sounds bad, but it's the only way) burn the pix we took at the mall because it's bad memories and plus it's the only thing that's making him think of me and I just hid mines so I wouldn't think of it, but since I know it's still there and I don't want it anymore, I'm burning it. it sounds mean and evil, but burning it will burn him out my mind...he wasn't the nicest boyfriend I had even though we lasted for 5 months.

  • I know what you mean.. Just recently I went over to a friends house to go hang out, and when I walked in, my ex was sitting there on tha couch just looking at me, and I had that feeling like I didn't want to be near him, and I had that feeling to to just roll my eyes and say "ugh, why is he here?" But yea, it's an uncomfortable feeling becuase we don't talk anymore.. But I don't know why because we were like really close as friends, and now we don't talk at all.. But when I was at my friends house, it was weird, but I just told myself to get over it and move on. So I would suggest to just move on and just try really hard to forget about her, and maybe find someone else that interests you so that you're more focused on that other person and not your ex. And that does work. I've done it.. But I have a boyfriend so it just doesn't bother me anymore.

    • I think it may be because we were so close before and now we don't talk at all.

      But she's been long gone as far as I am concerned.

      I've been on to other women for months now, but I still see her around campus every now and then and it's just weird. I mean.. I say hello and everything, but the uncomfortable feeling is there.. It's just something I want to shake.

    • Yea, juss stay focused on that other chick and eventually tht feeling will go away

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