Why is my ex texting me from unknown numbers after the break up?

Long story short I broke up with my boyfriend of five years because he was definitely messing around with other girls or a girl. He had a hickey. Now a month or so after the break up he is texting me from other numbers. I know it's him because I plugged in the numbers on Facebook and it directed to one of his aunts which I never met. This was done twice. The text are normally empty or with a period. Now has this happen to you? Also, why would he be doing this?


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  • Because he is an idiot who does not know how to let go. If it was from his own phone I would say that he still has your number for some reason and butt dials you but from another phone…

    • Yes, I agree. He doesn't know how to let go. But why would he do something that he knows will put our relationship in jeopardy? And now won't leave me alone. Men are idiots (not all).

    • Because he only cares about himself and what makes him happy regardless of what it does to other people.

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  • This has happened to me after I broke up with my ex of 5 years. I believe he regrets doing what he did and he may be trying to see if you will talk to him. He may be trying to get your attention to see if you will get back together with him.

    • Thank you. I sure hopes he regrets it but he has lost any and ever chance he had of getting back with me. I've officially set my mind on moving on. Thank you for the advice.

    • You're welcome. You go girl. 👍Just don't answer or respond to any of that BS.

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