Why does my ex keep texting me?

We came to a mutual agreement to break up. My mom told me we were distant cousins. His parents said we weren't related. My mom said they lied. They were looking for a daughter in law and wanted me. Going through depression and having parents involved made me want to break up. Even if we were related or not I didn't want it to be awkward between both parents if he and I prolonged our relationship and didn't work out.

He would use his niece and nephew to make me feel bad everytime I tried to break up.

After breaking up, he deleted me from everywhere. Before the break up, he told me he would never delete me because he didn't want to delete the connection we had.

I felt really hurt he deleted me. A few months later, he kept texting and fb messaging me even though he deleted me from fb..

So why? It's annoying enough he leaves me on read when I reply back or he never checks it on purpose.

I confronted him recently. He told me he deleted me because he saw me hanging out with a guy I recently added shortly after our break up. He thought I had someone else so it hurt him.

I can't hangout with my guy friend too after breaking up? I can't add people? I respected my relationship with him so I never added my guy friends on social media until after we broke up.

He's always bragging to me how many female friends he has and how much girls wanted him when we used to date so why did it matter?

He still messaged me to see how I am doing. I moved on after he deleted me. I'm in a happier relationship now. How can I get him to stop messaging me?
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I asked him many times if he thought I left him for someone else then why did he still continue to message me even though I didn't? He dodged that question. So I'm so confused.
Why does my ex keep texting me?
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