What would you think if your ex boyfriend got really buff after a breakup?

Not gross buff but built a sexy body and had a dramatic transformation from skinny to stud. What would be the first thing that goes through your mind?


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  • Either he chanalised his pain into a healthy habit like exercise, either he wanted to get a sexy body to make you regret the break up, either he wants to feel more confident about himself for the future relationships, who knows? I personally hit the gym harder when I m heartbroken and reshape my body for the better not as a hope that my ex will want me back but it s my way of dealing with the pain. Exercising harder makes me simply feel better.


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  • They get doubts about their decision.
    Though they never mention it

    • And they change their story about why they brushed you off

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    • Lol 'younger' fck man still 25-29 age bracket.

    • It's no different to when you reject a girl, and then 6 months later, for whatever reason she looks amazing ie lost weight, fake boobs...

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  • "Good For Him"
    .. Next Topic..

    I'm not the type to dwell over an ex
    If he's doing good I'll congratulate him
    Not really much to say after that

    But that's just me I'm not every girl

  • I do not understand why men think that we'd want you back solely because you now look so much more..."hotter?"... we are not like men.. our minds do no work the same... while we can appreciate your looks and might even think "WOW! you look amazing," it does not imply we mean like "damn, i want him back"...

    men minds tend to think that looks are appearances are the sole reason for being with someone... but if you broke up, there's a reason why you're not together, and a good body will not make things work, if it didn't work before...

    in conclusion, the ex might think you look fantastic! ;p! and good eye candy... but that's it. :]! The end.

    • I can say that my ex is insanely jealous and has now played mind games. We live together and she has admitted that I've got a lot more muscle. Now she's faking orgasms in the bedroom, loudly chatting to gfs when im in the other room, and walking around with her pants off.

      Women are just as horny and into looks as guys are. Dont be fooled. They just dont realize it.

  • Eh I kinda prefer skinny a swimmers build is more aesthetically pleasing to me. But I don't mind a bit thicke. Not like muscles everywhere thick, but like thick thick. More ass more chest mmmm


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  • That guy's fucked up..


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