What does it mean when he says she has his heart?

My ex left me again for the girl he left me for the first time. He said that she has his heart and that he loves her, but the thing is he has no plans in getting back together with her. I was really hurt by him saying this, I said, "well if she has your heart what do I have?" And he said, "memories." They were together for a month, he felt like he wasn't good enough for her, she wanted him to change and he felt like he couldn't do it. We were together for 9 months and for him to say what he said pierced my heart. I loved him and he loved me, we talked about marriage and children and for him to say that was very harsh. I just don't understand. He's seeing her again, but he doesn't plan on getting back with her. Why would you even say something like that if you truly have no intentions of being with her? It hurts because every time I start trying to change he drops me for her, this is the 2nd time he's run back to her and for what? We were 5 months in on trying to get back together, and he gave up and brought her back then his feelings for me changed. Now he's treating me like garbage, blaming me for our past break up and saying that he'll never get back together with me. I know he was getting close to telling me how he truly felt about me, but his ex swooped back in and all he sees is the past me, why he left me the first time. He said that I am wrapped up in us that I'm not thinking straight, well if he stopped playing hot and cold and sending mixed signals I wouldn't doubt everything that came out of his mouth. This is the reason he left. He is also upset because in the past before we were dating he was upset that I was talking to other guys. All because I said, "so what I was talking to other guys" he said, "I can't be in love with someone who nonchalantly says so what I was talking to other guys" I'm like really? We weren't even together. He doesn't care he sees what he wants to see and I'm always in the wrong regardless.


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  • This is why getting back together is never a good idea. He doesn't feel about you the way you do him

    • I honestly don't know how he truly feels. He had feelings a few weeks ago now I don't know.

    • If it were meant to be you'd have never broken up the first time

    • That's what I said. Just like him and her if they were meant to be they would still be together. He's never given me a real chance he gives up too easily.

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  • Just sounds like he doesn't know what he wants, why would you want to be with a guy like that? Seems silly to me

    • I don't want him anymore, I'm just hurt that he said those things. I thought I was his everything and we were going to be happy, but he left. He chose me then her again. He needs to just be single and not worry about dating other people honestly. We weren't even broken up before he started talk to her, then when he did break up with me he got with her 2 weeks later, they dated a month and broke up he was still talking to her when he came back to me, he then decided that he couldn't do what he needed to do to make her happy so he dropped her and got with me.

  • What exactly u want from him?

    • I don't want anything now, he said what he had to say he broke my heart so there really isn't anything I want. All I really wanted was for us to work out we were in a LDR and I wanted to see him more than anything. The girl he left me for lives closer to him, so technically he doesn't have to put much effort into seeing her. We've never seen each other and now he says he never will.

    • Treating u like garbage and blaming u for the past breaks I think he doesn't know what he really want or he can't be the leader in the realitionship or can't hold it. Figureing out why and why then why it's totally waste of time. U may feel some shit bc of his words that hurted u but soon or later u will be fine. Goodluck

    • I strongly believe he doesn't know what he wants. I'm just going to leave him alone. I didn't beg or plead for him to come back all I said was what he was telling me really hurt. The worst thing he told me was there was nothing here. I don't know why he was being so hurtful and pushing me away, just a few weeks ago we were talking just fine and exchanging face pics now this.

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