Girls, Why hasn't my ex blocked me on snapchat and whatsapp?

When we broke up the fifth time. She sent me a break up text bla blah. I told her if she doesn't want me no more then block me from everything. And her response was that she's not a ridiculous person.. She told me before that i was super special to her and her daughter. Now i still have a picture of me and her daughter on whatsapp but she hasn't gave me a sign that she cares about me loving her daughter like she was mine. I still love and care for her daughter even tho i we haven't talked in about 3 weeks. What is she trying to tell me from her not blocking me and also she always sees my snapchat stories.. Im so confused


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  • I don't have any of my ex's blocked on any social media site. It's petty and stupid to do all that. Don't read into it, she just doesn't want to cause any drama between the two of you.

    • Do you think she might have me around just in case she changes her mind about everything, maybe she's giving her self to see if ill be the right guy for her daughter which it means i have proven her that im a complete honest faithful guy i never played games with her i told her that i wanted to marry her this year

  • Like she already told you, she's not a ridiculous person. You gotta admit, it is pretty childish to block a person everywhere just because you break up. It doesn't mean anything. As for the Snapchat stories, probably pure curiosity.

    • Thanks for letting me know, the thing is that i was to afraid of losing her and i think that bugged her a lot, she knew that she was my first girlfriend ever were in the same age 23 years old we been dating for 7 months in long distance relationship

  • It means nothing. She just didn't feel the need to block you...

    • The. Whats the point of being friends at the end if font even bother to talk to each other,

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