Why did my ex unblock me on whatsapp after 1.5 months?

He wanted to break up with me. Then he stalked me for about 2 months through whatsapp (i know this because i was stalking him too, he used to type and delete the messages but never send them to me) Then finally back in jan i messaged him saying hi. He read those messages and blocked me without replying. After that i got the point and tried to move on. Recently i was going through my whatsapp friends list. I saw him online (which means he unblocked me ). Why did he unblock me after a month and half? Whats the story now? Does that mean he moved on? or wants to reconnect?
what do you all think?
we broke up in November 2014 and we haven't talked since and my failed attempt of talking to him in jan


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  • You are analyzing too much. Time to move on, like really.
    He unblocked you but he tried to contact you? No. So, do the same.
    If he wants you, he will find you.


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  • Yeah I'd say he's curious. . Possibly connect with you at some point

  • I think he's open for communication with you

    • but we broke up in November so we haven't talked since

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    • Whatever happend to talking in person?

    • He moved to another state recently so I cannot meet him in person anymore

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  • There's only one way to find out.


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