My girlfriend broke up with me. Blocked me everywhere. Now she's unblocking me on everything! Why would she do that?

I'll try to keep it short.

me and my ex girlfriend been together for 1,5 years. Everything was basically perfect. We had plans to get married, and move in together. We went into town to buy rings. Told a couple of people and they were really happy for us. We've always been soulmates, basically since day 1 we've met. Felt so special for the both of us.

went on a holiday, and shit turned real bad. We took distance from each other for like a week, just to miss each other so we'd let go of the irritations. While we had the time out for a week, she been watching a movie with a guy, who was staying in the same house. The day after she slept in with him (they say nothing happened.) she watched a scary movie and just couldn't sleep. Sounds like a bad excuse, but I know she isn't able to sleep all alone when she did. I found out because I went on her Facebook. Than we had fights, and she broke up with me. When we went to the airport, she told me the same guy tried to kiss her, but she pushed him away. That was before they watched a movie and slept together.

we came back home, and on the flight and all of that back, I still felt like she loved me. We kissed a couple of times
we said goodbye to each other and she picked her stuff up and applied the no contact rule. Because I had a weird feeling, I logged in on her snapchat. Her ex boyfriend was in her best friends list. And they also had a chat. Of course she loot logged of and called me right away! She said nothing was going on between them and that she is not going to see him and doesn't want him back.

After that phone call she blocked me everywhere. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, my number. She did that a week ago. Also tried to call me 2 days ago, but I didn't answer. So she unblocked my number. Now she also unblocked me on the rest of those social media platforms. She doesn't tried to contact me yet. And I'm not going to contact her, because my heart is broken and I want to fix myself. So I still apply the no contact rule. Probably would take her back if she wanted me back, because I do believe we're soulmates. And even after this, I'm still in love with her, and miss everything about her.

why would she unblock me on everything and try to call me?
The weird thing about is that she lost her feelings for me. She told me that 2 days after that dude tried to kiss her.
But when we said goodbye, she said she was going to miss me and that she loves me. She said she hoped that we would come back as lovers in the future.
She didn't had anything to hide when she blocked me. She just didn't wanted me to check her out on all the platforms as I did. She said it would be easier for me if I didn't see what she was doing. And I'm telling you, she was right. Because at the moment I don't really care anymore what she's doing in some way


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  • So you believe she cheated on you, yet you'd still take her back?

    You think you're soulmates with a cheater?

    Reading this shows that you two are most definitely not soulmates. Have you lived together before? Because this drama bullshit will be your life once you marry her.

    You only went on a vacation together, spent what... a week in the same space - and this happens.

    You are better off without her. Little over a year is not enough time to get to know a person, ESPECIALLY when you've never cohabitated. You're still in the honeymoon stage of your relationship and things have already gone to shit.

    It's NOT gonna get better.

    Count your losses and your blessings, because this woman will bring you nothing but misery.

    • I don't know. We went on holidays for 5 weeks. And before we left she moved into my house me for a like 6 weeks, because her mum is really paranoid.. So that's 11 weeks of being together all day. Except for being at work, but I was working parttime then, so we've been together heaps.

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    • But why do you think she unblocked me? That's all I wanna know haha

    • She had a rage fit, then cooled down.

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  • This is bullshit!!!
    You know what i think? I think she is playing with your feelings... and i think she slept with that guy!!
    She is just lying to you... and doing all this blocking and no contact is only to wipe any evidence that she had... She is a big drama queen...
    And how can a person change so much in just one holiday?
    It sounds like she was already cheating on you behind your back.. And on that holiday she got a even better chance...
    All that movie and can't sleep is Bullshit!! I think she left that guy kiss her or even sleep with her and now she feels guilty about it and there why she broke up...
    She is full of shit and immaturity..

    I think you should forget about this girl and move on... or at least ask her for an explanation...
    But whatever happens don't trust this girl at all...

    • Well could be man. She's only 17. I'm 24. I can't prove that she cheated on me man. There's only 2 people that know it. She, and that guy. And they said it didn't happen. Maybe some of her friends know if she did. But they're not going to tell me of course

    • I knew the girl in this case must be a teenager...
      Well then in that case dude you should forget her... cause she is a teenager and mostly teenagers are like that!!! Immature!

      If you stay with her she will keep on doing those things... So you should find a girl who is not immature like that! 😊

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  • Dude, if she had the nerve to block you from her social media, then clearly she was hiding something. She wanted to call you back because maybe she wanted to try to explain herself. But in my opinion, I feel like she fucked up when she blocked you the first time. How are you going to say that nothing happened but then block that person so that they can't see anything. Honestly, I wouldn't trust it. But it's your choice dude and it's your love. I just would kind of be wary about that.

    • Then loosing her feelings for you suddenly and then saying that she hopes that you both are loves in the future? Dude, it sounds like she's playing with your feelings. Clearly she sounds like your first love but if she's doing all this... I don't know man but I hope it works out for you.

    • She unblocked me on Instagram after she went out. And of course there's a picture on Instagram. Not with boys on it. Could it be possible she is trying to show me that she's happy, and living life. Like she moved on and doesn't care anymore? Still doesn't explain that she tried to call me..

  • She didn't wanted you to contact her, mess up her current feeling and let her hormones calm down until she felt she was ready to face you again - Or whatever.

  • Quite possibly she also believes that you are soulmates. And she's still in love with you and misses everything about you as well! But if you feel the need to fix your own heart because you are feeling broken inside, I think that's what you should try to do first. Then come back to it. Give yourself the time and space that you need for you to collect yourself and heal. If the two of you are soulmates time has no bearing on that...


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  • Your attempt at keeping things short was unsuccessful. Try to remember, too many details just cloud the basic issue.

  • I've never been in a relationship that long or ever been "in love" so my advice isn't very valid. A girl (not an ex) blocked me just because I commented on an IG post so as retaliation I blocked her back. Very childish I know lol. I think she wants you back but is scared to do something I don't know. I'm not an expert on "love".


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