My ex girlfriend keeps blocking and unblocking me on whatsaap?

We broke up like a month ago and it was kind of mutual. She 'suggested' us to remain friends so I agreed but at the same time I've the feeling that she was expecting me to beg. She blocked me on viber, whatsaap (then unblocked me) but still has me on insta wtf? What's the difference lol. Before she blocked me I saw her update on whatsaap status saying "Seeing the best guy ever" so I assumed she's moved on which is why I never initiate contact or bother her so why would she do all this?


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  • I always end up accidentally unfollowing & refollowing people on tumblr, due to the proximity of the 'unfollow' widget to the close window button. Perhaps there's a similar issue with whatsapp?


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