Ex Girlfriend keeps Blocking and Unblocking?

Me and my ex broke up in 2015 and since then for most of the time I was blocked by her on Facebook. Even if I was unblocked a few times, I didn't notice as I kinda moved away from social media for a while. But recently, I have seen this weird behaviour by her where she keeps unblocking and blocking me. And I came to know about this because we have many mutual friends and her comments on their feeds keep appearing and disappearing. This ex girlfriend I am talking about was the only girl I've ever been with and I was her first love and boyfriend too. We were together for 6 years and everything though not smooth as a hot knife on butter was perfect. Our relationship didn't end on good terms as I moved out of my city and she was kinda talking to some other guy behind my back (they might have been even in a relationship). My life after the breakup was much like Ed Sheeran's - Happier Song and so was this scenario. It's been two years and now I am noticing this rather erratic behavior of hers which I can't seem to understand. What does she mean by this act of blocking and unblocking help me out !
Ex Girlfriend keeps Blocking and Unblocking?
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