What do girls think of black guys with corn rows?

I am a black guy that's been growing an afro, and I am thinking of cornrowing it...

Should that give me any trouble being accepted by people around me ?


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  • I personally think that they look hott! I wish my future boyfriend would have corn rows hehe

    • Thanx for choosing me as best answer!! Its my first one..im sooo happy hehe

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  • i don't care if its a friend or something

    but as far as a guy I would date I don't like it .

    ex. trey songz...

    with braids about a 4

    without braids ... I would marry him in a heartbeat he is sooooo fine. lol , 10000000x

    • Really,, do you think he looks better without braids !?

      i really think he looks better with them !

      thanx thu

    • Nahhhh trey songz is about a million times better without , like I honestly would marry him in a heartbeat and he's like 5 years older... its kinda sad how much I love him lol

  • Personally: I think they look really cool. :3

    I'm not sure why people would give you trouble/not accept you for it, It's just hair, If you want it, Go for it!

  • they are kinda played out now, I don't see too many guys with braids anymore

    trey songz looks way betta now that his hair is short


What Guys Said 2

  • I'm not a girl, not black, but I can say that cornrows are looking much more better on black guys rather than on white guys. So go on :)

  • I used to wear cornrows.

    I CAN say that you'll have a VERY difficult time walking through ANY department store.

    • Could explain the department store thing again !?

    • There isn't much to explain.

      They'll hassle you, follow you, and send associates in street clothes up to start conversations with you to figure out why you're there.

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