My disappearing act has reappeared - what now?! Do I forgive him and give him a second chance?

SO I posted my story on here a few weeks ago: link

And, now, he's reappeared. He called my bday eve to wish me a happy bday and to say that he is sorry. That he screwed up, he's made a lot of mistakes, that he knows he doesn't deserve forgiveness. That, I deserve the world and he acted immaturely and cowardly and couldn't even do the right thing to call me or sit down with me and tell me he was too uncomfortable dating me because of the circumstances.

THe problem now is, he misses me. He has thought of me in some form or another every single day since I went away about a month ago; he drives by my town and thinks "how did I let this happen? How did I let it get this far?" He was terrified to contact me, cause he knew I had every right to be angry and hurt and to hate him. So he just didn't, instead he hoped every day that I would call him - but I never did. So, now, he's calling me cause I needed to hear that he's sorry, that he wants me in his life, that he tried to do the logical and thing and that, to him, was that my ex had "seniority" on me cause I dated him first. So, he was being a good friend to lay off me.only, he's learned that he should've followed his heart. But, he knows he doesn't deserve forgiveness and if I don't want to ever talk to him again, he has to accept that. He made a million mistakes and he knows it. So, it's up to me, if I want to be friends we can be friends, if I want to be acquaintances we can do that, if I want to invite him out to dinner and then skip out on the bill, I can do that too. I have his number.

um.what do I do? I feel like he's still sending mixed signals - telling me how we can be friends, how he wants me in his life, but not saying he wants to date me, or that he's willing to risk his friendship with my ex cause he's missed me too much.

Plus, is he just holding onto guilt? Is that why he's apologizing? I asked him if he just needed to say those things to feel better about the situation? cause if that's the case I still think he's a good person, and he can sleep at night.that didn't go over well, he said he felt worse.I told him sorry, I just don't have tolerance for disrespect.which also didn't go over well cause he didn't see it as disrespect, it was pure fear, he was terrified of the situation, of me being mad at him, of everything. I told him I still saw it as disrespect.

I could tell he felt awful, but I'm just so much more lost now.I've never had a guy own up to his mistakes, admit them, apologize and ask for forgiveness.I want to give him a second chance.but I'm also nervous too.!?!
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I thought about it for 6 days and decided to call, but we keep missing each other. I called him Sun eve., he called me back mid mon, I called him back mon afternoon.and now he STILL has NOT called me back?! if he's so sorry, wouldn't he be jumpin 2 talk
My disappearing act has reappeared - what now?! Do I forgive him and give him a second chance?
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