Girls, ex keeps sending me snapchats because she's interested?

She started replying to my group snaps. I was out drinking and sent a group snap of my drink and she was the only of my 60 friends that responded to it, asking "what are you drinking, what are you drinking?", which is kinda lame because it was so obvious she was trying to get in contact with me for some reason. I responded and she responded again. Nothing big, but I could just sense that she was trying to get in contact with me. I'd do something similar too if I didn't know how and wanted to talk to her. Anyways, I left it at that.

Then a couple of weeks later she send me a group snap, but I just had a feeling in my gut that even though it was a group snap, it was meant to be seen by me. I replied and a second later she responded again. We had a text convo on snapchat that went on for TWO HOURS non-stop. And every time I responded with one word to check if she would keep the convo going, she changed the subject and kept the conversation going.

It left me a bit confused. Then we didn't send any snaps to each other for a month and recently she started sending me one every day, probably group snaps, but ones I sense were mostly meant to be seen by me. I send her a snap now and she opened it up immediately.

I know it's only snapchat, but it just seems to me there's something to it. What do you girls think?


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  • Block her. If you're not interested in taking her back, then just block her.

    • What if I am interested in taking her back?

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    • Do you think she's interested? I sense like she was REALLY excited when I responded to her group snap and also felt like she didn't want to stop the convo afterwards.

    • You'll never know unless you try.

  • No because she likes the attention, just block her

    • Why would she like the attention? What's the meaning behind it?

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