Why does my ex avoid looking at me?

or talking but will show action signs if I ask him something but won't look

okay me and my ex boyfriend broke up almost a year now but he won't look at me or talk to me what so ever and I don't know why ... I love him so much and try to get his attention . and also to I would like to be his friend I don't want to lose him totally and did I mention that he is my sons father as well so I have to see him all the time and it drives me crazy but I don't show it but its killing me inside and I miss him so much but my question is why is he doing this ? he won't look at me face to face he keeps his head down or turns around why is that ? answer please thanks :)


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  • It might be that he's ashamed. I mean you guys went through a nasty break up and you have a kid together. And you'll never know unless you ask him. Why don't you sit down with him and have a talk with him. And he might not be able to look at you because he knows what he lost . . you. So just talk to him and in any case things could work out where you two end up together.

    Goodluck <3 (:

    • I tried all that .. he just won't answer me and he gets all nervous and stuff and figity and still won't look at me what so ever and he will tell me F OFF and I don't wanna seem like I harrasing him whitch I don't .. and its bin a long time he bin acting like this and I just keep trying but I get no where ...i think he hates me :( and I tell him I love him and always will ... and also makes me nervous when I talk to him ...

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