Out of sight, out of mind?

I've been implementing no contact with my ex boyfriend (we broke up a little less than a month ago) for slightly over 2 weeks now.

I even deactivated my Facebook, but for other reasons besides just him, though he was the main cause.

They say disappearing like that makes people really wonder where you are, what happened, even that you're busy with your life.

I know it works, because after I hurt my last ex he disappeared and it really made me wonder, but I'm a girl, so its different.

If you disappear like that, and leave them be, do they miss you/thinking about you, or does it just make forgetting you easier?


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  • It depends, If your ex is a desperate nerd that can't attract women to save his life, then yes, he will probably miss you.

    If he does good with women and has a good attitude, he is probably thanking the lord right now that you fizzled out of his life and he can move on to the girl that's even better for him around the corner.

    • Well, at the time, he said he just doesn't want to be in a relationship right now, but he said he was tired of dealing with OUR relationship..

      I don't think he's seeing anyone else. I don't think he's really like that, and yeah, he's an 'acquired taste', so I doubt too many girls are trying to get with him, but there's been enough in his past, so you never know.

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    • Look, just get over him, even if you get back with him and he lets you then he is going to be unhappy. Love is only a moment in time, yes, its hard to move on but you have to

    • Im doing my best to get over him, but I don't feel I am at that point yet.

      He seemed sure in his decision, so if we 'were' to get back together, I think he would be sure with that as well, right?

      I know what it was that I did to make him unhappy, and I told him I would change those things.

  • It depends on him and why he/you left? Have a look at why the break up occurred in the first place.

    Yes, disappearing works but mainly because he might be thinking that your an emotional wreck. It works in the sense of wondering why you aren't calling him. When you do call him, he knows your thinking of him. So when you disappear your not doing what he is expecting you to do. This is what causes the mind to wonder about you.

    If he is the type to walk away and not look back then yes disappearing does help him move on also but that doesn't mean he won't wonder about you down the road. Guys don't like dealing with break ups the I miss you calls and all the other things that remind us of why we shouldn't be with that person. So while we move on and try to put the ex behind us, something happens one day that takes us back enough to miss you.

    • Call me stupid but, I'm not quite sure what your conclusion is?

      And he was the one who broke up with me..

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    • He left because we weren't seeing each other enough, he was going through a lot of changes in his life including moving into a new place etc. I had some insecurities that came into play as well.

      He said he was just tired of dealing with our relationship.

      He probably does think I'm an emotional wreck, actually, so yeah he probably doesn't want to talk to me.

      Would it be wrong to contact him in a couple of weeks to talk, once I have regained self control and gotten more perspective?

    • Please stop thinking about what his reaction will be if you call him. I know you want to reach out to him but if he isn't reaching out to you, then it's best to leave it alone.

      I want you to take this time to yourself and do some soul searching. This is a blessing in disguise. You are going to learn so much about yourself from this break up. He put his heart first and you should do the same. Don't waste your time on a guy that doesn't even know if he wants you. You got better things to do.

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