I think my ex's sister likes me?

I think my ex's sister likes me. At one point I was hanging out with my ex's sister and she was flirting with me, but before that I was friends with my ex's sister before I met my ex, then me and my ex started dating and she used to make comments like I wish I had a man like that and etc well you get the point, but she was flirting with me and she is looking for a roommate and she asked me to move in, I know weird and awkward. I'm looking for a roommate but I think I should stay away from this, what do you think? And what if we ended up hooking up? She is pretty but her whole family knows me and it could never be more than sex
Also would it really be wrong if we hooked up?


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  • :-) True, but don't fall for her seduction! I will tell you, as a girl, we can be and know how to be manipulative, deceitful, seductive. This is a route you don't want to take, no matter how good looking the sister is. You'll end up starting a time-bomb that will explode. I know guys weren't taught to reject chicks, but bottom line, the bros before hoes is the silent code between guys and the chicks before you know what is a silent code between girls. You don't ever mess with your ex's friend or especially family member. The knife can't get any deeper than that.


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  • DON'T DO IT! Please, don't do it! Regardless of who you met first, you and her sister had a relationship. You shouldn't put yourself in the middle of causing conflict between two sisters because the reality is you can come and go, they will always be connected. If you mess around with the sister you're just gonna add fuel to the fire. There are gobs of other hot chicks that you can have that are not related to your ex.

    • I know there is a lot of hot chicks out there, I haven't done anything wrong, she is the one who is saying stuff

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  • Dont do it! there no point of creating a conflict for the family and specially between the 2 sisters for nothing! get over it! you ll find another one soon!

    • I know I'll find another one, it's not like I'm pursuing her. She kinda got me thinking, I haven't said or done anything

    • Great then, I know the situation is very tempting, but its gona get ugly at a later stage! so spare yourself the problems!

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