I think my sisters ex boyfriend likes me?

My sister broke up with him because she moved away and it was expensive to keep in contact. Now we're stuck in the same area and he's always talking to me. Every day on Facebook he talks to me and he's always saying we should hang out sometime. One day he said "you're so fine I don't know why you can't find a guy to hold you down". My mom says he;s a nice guy and I shouldn't be mean to him. But this is weird, me and my sister are very close I don't understand why he would try to get at me? I'm 17 and he's 21. He;s always tagging me in videos and statuses and commenting on my stuff on Facebook. Once someone on formspring said "damn girl you fine hows about one day me you and your sister get it poppin?" and I think it was him. Help please. What do I do? Do you guys think he likes me?


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  • Yeah, he likes you. I don't know what your sis would think about you dating him, but she probably wouldn't like it. If you don't want to be with him then tell him your not interested in dating him and would never do that to your sister. Avoid him after that.

  • stay away from him he could be using you to get your sister jealous and it could cause drama between you two


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