Why would my ex boyfriends sister still follow me on Instagram?

Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me a few cues or ideas about my situation I’m a little confused on. So my long distance ex boyfriend that I never met in person broke up a few months ago at the end of January and I just realized it was time to cut ties because he didn’t treat me well and all we did was fight and I realized we were too different and I spoke to his sister a few times because he had some personal issues (I won’t list what) but mentally and she was super nice and she thinks breaking up was best for both of our sakes. Anyways, after we broke up I blocked him on all platforms including number and social media apps and I noticed his sister still follows me on my Instagram and she will even like my posts. I find it a bit odd because I’m not dating her brother anymore but maybe there’s no harsh feelings. Do you think she tells him about how I’m following up or is it because she’s just nice and chill about what happened? I don’t really ever pm her because I’d think it’d be awkward since me and my ex have been broken up nearly 3 months but I wonder if he asks about me or something I’m just confused a bit why she’d still follow me.
Why would my ex boyfriends sister still follow me on Instagram?
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