When she chooses another guy?

Usually it's simple to get over this, but this particular case, I'm having a hard time. Because I think about the reasons why she chose the other guy over me, but the reasons I come up with (I'm not a partier, for example) is true for the other guy as well. And she chose that guy. So, I'm wondering, how can I get over this and keep moving forward? Usually I try to learn from each situation, but in this case I'm at a loss because me and the other guys are similar in that this girl is a party girl and both of us are not, which is what I felt was the major reason for her turning me down.


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  • probably she liked the other guy and found him attractive.

    hard luck, and try to get over it as soon as possible...


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  • because babes she connected with him.
    that's all.
    it's not Y0U...
    it's her..
    maybe and yes someday a girl will select you.
    it hurts I know.
    trust me I know.
    let it make you stronger...


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  • It was 50/50 so you were in the running it could have gone the other way, she like his more than she likes yours simple as that find someone else or wait till they break up and move in its not over yet...

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