What if a girl chooses another guy over you?

I've always thought I had a good shot with this girl if she was single, which she wasn't at the time I met her. But when she finally became single, long story short, she ended up dating another guy instead of me. I've taken some time off from her, enough to come back and be on friendly terms, and I'm looking at other women, but it still bothers me a bit that she chose someone else. Anything to do but to look elsewhere?


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  • Means she didn't really like you, because she wouldn't of fallen for the second guy if she did. Just pick yourself up, count your losses and keep on truckin'. In a while, you'll think this whole situation was stupid, and not worth getting all worked up over.


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  • Suck up your pride and move on. We've all been then and dwelled on one girl but it isn't good for you. Think about it, she's dating some guy and having fun whilst you're at home thinking about being in that guys shoes, it isn't healthy. If you're seeing other girls then good for you, keep at it. Life is too short to keep trying with a girl who won't give you a chance.

  • Because she is a woman that's why & women screw over men