Why did he block me all of a sudden?

So me and this guy used to date for two months but he broke it off. I was really miserable after that for many many months and tried getting him back so many times. However, eventually I realized it was stupid to keep trying for someone who doesn't want me, I acted a bit immature as it was my first attempt at a more serious, adult relationship. We even hooked up one time after our final goodbye. We all make mistakes. However at some point last month he messaged me on facebook saying 'Cool picture' after a partyphoto of me and my friend was posted. I just replied 'thanks', didn't want to seem to eager as I wasn't sure if it meaned anything. He didn't reply after that. However he started viewing my whatsapp status/story thing.. i don't even know why he had kept my number. I never delete numbers myself so I didn't made s great deal out of it. It confused me a lot as he mentioned that he doesn't want any contact with me. I shitpost a lot of stuff there, every two days or so. I just find it fun and often friends approach me when they see my posts. I know I have an attention problem but I'm working on it.
He never missed a single on and often viewed them just minutes after thed were posted, but he didn't contact me again. I'm not really over it to be honest, but I'm happy on my own again and accepted it. So yesterday morning I scrolled down my chats and saw that he blocked me. I'm really confused why, I have left him alone. He just blocked me on whatsapp not facebook or anything. He could've just deleted my number or stopped looking at my status. I don't plan on talking to him again, it just confuses me and makes me feel like I did something wrong.


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What Guys Said 1

  • You did nothing wrong? You did nothing, that's the matter.

    • The thing I don't get is that he said he didn't want to use me even though I've even offered him to hookup regularly. I did everything wrong I could possibly do. He didn't want me back so I obviously stopped trying like any sane person. It was quite messy :'D I guess he just wanted the ego boost maybe and realized I haven't given him any attention so he got frustrated?

    • You got it right, don't think any further, we men are so simple

    • I guess. I'll just give him space, if he wants to come back he'll find a way but it's best to move on.

What Girls Said 1

  • I've blocked exes before when I didn't want to see anymore of their updates on my feed. Maybe he didn't want to see how happy you were without him.

    • Hmm maybe. I'll let him be... part of me still wants him back... but everyone's gotta stop trying at some point. If we meet again everything will be different and hopefully we will have both grown as a person. Or we will become happy with someone else...

    • Hope everything works out for the best! ✌🏻

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