Why did he block me so abruptly and randomly?

I have been talking to a guy online for 1 month, and we hit it off. It got to the point where I was planning to see him this summer, and we agreed that even though long distance relationships are tough, it would be worthwhile to give it a go.

This past weekend, after he sent me a message saying, "Hey beautiful, I've been super busy, how are you?" He shortly blocked me afterwards. I had replied back to that saying I was good, and sent him a comic of a girl hugging a guy. We often send each other comics, songs, and jokes. And sent each other messages daily. He'd message me morning and night and I always replied back. I can't think of what I may have done wrong. I did post a pic of a beer on insta stating, "Screw it, I'm going out. What a shit week." But, I went out with my co-workers. He could have simply asked me.

I''m so upset over this because I really, really like him. I don't know if this is the end of it, or if he'll come around and unblock me. We've had some great chats on a daily basis ranging from jokes to deep, meaningful convoes about us and life. We never said this was an official relationship, but we often spoke sweetly to each other with words like, "beautiful, love, love ya, etc." He even said that he was falling for me. I said that we needed time, but I was also feeling him too. We tried the dirty chat thing, but I said I wasn't comfortable sending nudes, and he said he'd never pressure me. I'm not sure where things went wrong here. Did he just grow tired of me, and this was a farce?

Any advise is appreciated.
Why did he block me so abruptly and randomly?
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