My ex girlfriend still keeps telling me to grow up and I need space?

my ex girlfriend keep tell me I need to grow , while I'm in Iraq , what do that mean to women who says I need to grow up ? and when she says she needs space between us ?

my azz is in Iraq serving my country, I'm a grown man, live on his own, work for NY state, own cars and house and in the national guard do I need to grow up?


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  • She's probably not referring to the the adult things you do (going to iraq, owning a house and cars, the jobs you do), but rather, the things you say, the way you act, or childish interests/hobbies. Of course, we can't tell you what those things are, since we don't know you, so you'll have to ask her. Maybe ask her to give you some examples of how you're being childish so that you can better understand.


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  • You're 30-35 and you write like you're 15. I'm not surprised.

    Seriously though, she wants space away, give it to her. Just because YOU think you're adequate doesn't mean she has to. Reevaluate your personality. Could be why she wants to back off. Just because you live like an adult doesn't mean you behave or act like one.


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  • She called you out on being a baby. Perhaps a clingy emotional baby at that.

    She needs space - meaning she doesn't like you anymore and wants to move on.

    You're in Iraq, work for the state, national guard yadda yadda. That's great man, you're keeping busy. Probably TOO busy to hold a relationship down since your time is severely limited. But if you're stating your status for show and tell, I don't think you need to be arrogant about it. I'm sure a gold digger, dependent chick would take you for the money you got. However, if you want a real girl, you probably need to fix your personality a bit before finding another.


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