What are high cheekbones!? and how do I know if I have them?

i always hear "high cheekbones" on TV.. but not quite sure how to know if someone has them.. thanks!


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  • To answers you question, High Cheekbones are really just defined cheekbones. It's really your bone structure is situated in such a way that the apples and swell of your cheeks sit closer to the immediate bottom of your eyeline, and farther from your jawline. You can search almost any model and they probably have high cheekbones because of how the fashion industry like to proportion the face.

    I've looked at your pictures, and you do have high cheekbones, I think you look very pretty. :) And High cheekbones are a good thing. I love mine.


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  • I have high cheekbones...

    is that good for a guy lol

  • When people say this, what it really means is to have "defined" cheekbones. Often times people say "high" because when you have very little fat on someone's face, the cheekbone itself becomes prominent and creates empty space high above the jawline.

    A good example of someone with "high" cheekbones would be Johnny Depp. link

    • Then I don't like high cheekbones! .. do I have them?

    • Truthfully it's difficult to say from your pictures. Your makeup definitely creates shadows that makes it seem like you have high cheekbones, but we'd really have to see you without makeup to be sure.

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  • Here are some examples of high cheekbones, most models have them


    It's basically when your cheekbones show


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