Why does my ex girlfriend still seem angry at me?

My ex dumped me about a month ago. She said it was because I argue too much. I honestly agree with her and since have change a lot to better myself. Last week I found out she has a new boyfriend, which is making me think she actually left me for that guy.

When she dumped me, I was really not expecting her to, it kind of caught me by surprise. She was very dry and emotionless when she did. Since I've beg her to take me back twice. I also told her, once, I did not care how she treated me, I would still love her. Ever since then, she's acting as if she's still angry at me. She doesn't talk to me, eye contact, anything.

I haven't pursue her in quite some time. No contact at all. We work in the same place, and she's acting that way. It makes it quite uncomfortable, specially since we have mutual friends at work.

I still really love her and wish I could be with her. But I've realized I have to move on. It really bothers me the way she's behaving and I wish I could understand why is this. Can anyone give me any ideas?


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    your are right in the fact that you need to move on...you need to get away from her, no matter what you did at this point you are broken up she has no right to still be upset with you...this "new bf" is a rebound and rebound relationships DO NOT LAST, period, its that simple...shes dating him to get over you...

    girls are crazy man, they say one thing, but really don't mean it, they say it to see how you react to it...i know you love her and care about her but right now you need to do what makes you happy...be there for her when she needs you but only when she NEEDS you...you aren't going to be this guy to fall to her every single need ok...like I said be there for her to talk to and help her through some troubles...but you need to remember right now youa re her FRIEND, not her bf...by being there for her and being a NICE guy - that's key you have to be nice no matter what she says - this will show her that she's a btch for no reason - kill her with kindness...got it!?

    i went through this sitaution and I begged for my ex back...she dated a dude for 6 months, I didn't interfear but I was there to LISTEN to her when she would get in fights with him...did I give my two sense of course I did...i always asked, why do you like him, what do you like about him, why are you dating him...i knew he was a rebound and he in fact was...now she wants to get back together with me, but I dont...i need to build our trust back - because that's the key to the success of a relationship...remember to take things SLOW and STEADY - it was the turtle who won the race, NOT the rabbit...

    now is your time to analyze the relationship, what went wrong, was it all your fault (most likely not - a relationship ends because of multiple things), but analyze teh relationship, understand where YOU went wrong and work on yourself to become a better person, more mature...show her and others through your actions that you area better guy and more relaxed, but only do it if you are, no need to be fake, feel me?

    really work on yourself and being independat at this time...if she yells at you for no reason just reply with a simple "k"...girls HATE that, they want to see you explode, they want to see how you are going to react to what they are saying to you (especially ex girlfriends)...by saying "k" you are letting her mind tick...ex) wtf k, what does that mean, does he care, why isn't he respondign with more, omg am I losing him, what is he doing, etc etc...you need to ler her think about what your doing and WHY you are doing it...dont update her with stuff that your doing, when she talks to you be short adn simple about it...you want her to feel that she's losing you, losing a good guy, losing something that you could ahve worked out...but this is also for you to help get over her faster...keeping communication to a minimum is key for you, not only getting her back but really its also for you to heal...time wil heal my man, take my word for it



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  • If she dumped you for that guy, then for sure she doesn't care about your feelings. The reason she could be ignoring you is because she doesn't want to make any kind of contact with you; maybe. Try to pretend like you don't give a damn if she's paying attention to you or not. You could tell her you wanna speak with her alone and ask her why she's being so cold...that seems kinda wrong of her though.

    and you wouldn't wanna be with someone who will treat you like crap. its only gonna get worse if you get with her.

  • You cannot control who you love and how long you love them, and as much as you wish there is something that can change a person you have to accept them for who they are or what they're become. Go out with your boys, flirt with some girls, and live your life because one day some girl will appreciate you. Until then try to focus on yourself because when it comes down to it you are all you have.

  • OK OK OK. Seriously, the only reason why she acts that why is because she gets nauseous just thinking about you. she is really over you and just wants you out of her life. I recognise that kind of acting so well. After stopping having feelings for a guy I ..yeah well act like her.

    (sorry if I'm harsh)

    why I think this is because you said she was not emotional when she broke up. she hates that you still have feelings for her and just want you to stop like her.

    If you really want her back at least play "care" when she is around. even if she attemps to speak to you just answere carelessly and have really fun with your co-workers. don't overdo anything, don't act like your mad at her, just be care. This can result in two ways:

    1. she's glad you're over her and she feels comfy around you again and will act like normal.

    2. she starts to like you.

    • Its sad though because I fell mine is just wanting me out of her life it breaks my heart after she told me I was perfect for her and were so madly in love... I just don't get it... If she only knew the man that I truly am and how much I love and care for her it would change her whole perspective on me. come see my story on my profile on it to get your input it would help me so much

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  • Who d heck z she 2 still be angry with u,its over between you both and she doesn't want you anymore,move on with your life cos am you are gonna find someone you are really gonna love and be comfortable with..

  • The answer to your question is just to date new women..and learn from your past.

    If you're still saying things like "I did not care how she treated me, I would still love her" is repulsive to women because it shows that you don't have a backbone. What good is a man without a backbone? You need to understand simple concepts like that.

  • Maybe she is feeling guilty, maybe she was cheating on you, maybe she has feelings for you and is trying to get over you buy ignoring you, being mean to keep you away, so you don't try and get back with her, and workign with her makes it harder cause you still have to see each other and get along... that's why you don't date people you work with this happens...

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