How do I get my ex boyfriend back after this?

OK I'm going to try and make this short. me and my boyfriend were happy, living together, and he was about to propose. we started having issues and I kept feeling smothered in the relationship so I told him to back off. he wouldn't, so I told him we were on a break. a few days later, I hung out with my ex who I still thought I had feelings for and slept with him. I instantly realized how in love with my boyfriend I was and got rid of the ex, and took my boy back. I never told him because I was scared to lose him. I then deployed overseas, and my "Best friend" told my boyfriend what I had done. he instantly dumped me, but then calmed down later. we went back and forth back and forth for 3 months him saying one day he will take me back, and another day he wont. Finally, he decided since I was on a deployment and he didn't trust me that it would never be the same and he never wants me back. I know know know that if I was home right now, we would be together. its just hard for him to trust me, which I know why, but I wish he'd realize I am150 percent dedicated to him. like literally obsessed with him now. I know he still loves me, and probably always will. but he's being stubborn. now, I finally broke and emailed him even tho he told me to leave him alone- and he confirmed he has a new girlfriend already. its been not even a month since he said he was 100 percent done (which I know deep down he doesn't mean).. so now, I'm literally crying every 5 seconds when I should be here doing my job, while he's over there f***ing his new girlfriend. I'm so so so depressed. and what kills me is I know it'd be different if I was home. I just really desperately need him back. and I know its mostly his friends that tucked him into meeting this girl, because he never goes out and he met her when he went out. I feel sick to my stomach all the time and can't eat . I have never been so jealous/ heartbroken in my life. how do I get this guy back? he told me he doesn't love her yet, just likes her, but that's still making me extremely jealous and ijust want my baby back. please please please help me! please!


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  • You cheated on him. What you did was wrong. He really doesn't owe you anything. If I were you, I'd just keep letting him know how much you are aware of the mistake you made. Admit you were wrong, and hope he can forgive you. But do not, under any circumstances, play games here. Moreover, spend this time apart thinking about how you could betray someone you claim to love, and ultimately what that says about your very nature and how maybe you need to change and improve yourself. (confusion and relationship problems are no excuses 4 what you did). We all do make mistakes though, use this as a chance to be a better person. I hope it works out.

    • I didn't cheat for the millionth time everyone!! we were not together. yes it was still completely wrong and I'm a dumb a sssss and want to take it back more than anything EVER but we were not together.

    • You waited a few days before sleeping with an EX. Cheating is not about semantics lady, its about emotional betrayal. You cheated on him, not to the letter of the law, but in all the ways that count. When you can accept that, maybe you'll deserve some help. Go look in the mirror, come to terms with the person you see looking back at you. Fix that person. Then worry about fixing or convincing others,

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  • Karma much? You were more than happy to go on a break and jump into bed with your ex. Now he's moved on and you're jealous because he's sleeping with someone else. Maybe if you saw what he was before being such a selfish cow you'd be with him still.

    • Cow? ha ha are you serious? I'm extremely thin.. but besides that, I don't know if you're just trying to be mean or being serious. because, isn't it a little pathetic that she's just a rebound? and the fact that I know 3904830948 percent if I was there right now, he'd be with me- he never would have met her. it just looks like he's looking for love in all the wrong places. he does love attention a bit too much.

    • Things happen for a reason, he moved on for a reason, deal with it

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  • just be friends with him. I would not want to be the rlationship destroyer...

    just wait and see if he dumps her for you, if he realizes it he will come back.

    if not, just let him go.

    don't wait too long, give it like 1 year to wait to see if he and that girl breaksu p.

    then one they have broken up, I'd say... be more expressive of your feelings.

    but for now... just back off a little and don't be too clingy/desperate...

  • you don't...the cheating part is one thing, technically you were apart at the time, but by not telling him you don't trust him. This are forever different, and you made them that way. Sorry, but you don't get him back, you made your bed.


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