What does it mean when my ex boyfriend calls me at night?

He usually calls me and tells me about his day but tonight he asks me if I found some one new and encourages me to go for them. Then, he talked to me about the girl he left me for (which he does a lot) and he asked for advice. is he trying to get me mad? After that he asked me if I'm mad at him, then he told me he never stopped liking me but he felt awkward and unnatural with me. what does he want? why does he call?

oh, and I'm really trying to get over him but this just makes it harder for me to do it. please help, I'm confused.
thanks guys :]


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  • Meet him FACE TO FACE if he accepts and tell him he can contact you if he wants to work it out with you and him but your not prepared to be demoted from his girlfriend to an agony aunt. If you don't want to be with him just tell him to back off as you want to move on with your life and from now on you will not be accepting his calls. If this hurts his feelings so be it because he hasn't taken your feelings into consideration at all. Talking about this other girl to you is totally unfair on you, what is he playing at? How long have you been split up for and why did it finish?

    • We split up on the 29 of september. he said it felt "unnatural" and he was starting to like someone else. he asked if I just wanted to be friends, I couldn't stay with him knowing he liked someone else so I just decided to be just friends. after that he told me he still liked me. when I told him recently that I started talking to another guy (he asked) he asked me if he pulled any moves yet, and in the end he told me, again, that he still likes me. I don't know why. he's so confusing.

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  • He probably calls cause he can count on you to be there. He might not have anyone to have those kinds of conversations with. Its prob more self serving than anything, You said he left u, so if he tells you to go for some other guy he prob feels guilty. I don't think he's trying to get you mad but you never know. Were you friends b4 you dated? If so he could just be trying to revert to that stage again. If you don't mind the small talk than have at it,but you need to let em know that you aren't gonna be handing out advice for his new realtionship.


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  • he seems VERY confused. it all depends how you feel about him whether you want anything more. it sounds to me like he wants you, or still likes you to a certain extent, but is unsure how you feel, so is trying to make you jealous


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